Geographisches Institut

Student Guidance Service

Student Guidance Service (especially bachelor students, Change in filed of study or university, pupils)


Dr. M. Knippertz

Raum SG 406, Seminargebäude, Wüllnerstraße 5b
Tel: +49 (0)241 80-97629


Advice for master students

  • Economical Geography: P. Szabo-Müller M.A.
  • Applied Geographie: Dr. Knippertz

Contacts for further topics

  • Bachelor extension fields and minor fields of study: Dr. Knippertz
  • Studying abroad / Erasmus: Prof. Schneider, Mona Ziemes
  • Internships:
    • Economy: Prof. Fromhold-Eisebith, Prof. Neiberger
    • Ecology, nature conservancy, climate, environment protection, remote sensing: Prof. Lehmkuhl, Prof. Schneider
    • Cities, population, culture, tourism: Prof. Pfaffenbach
    • Media, publishing industry, spatial planning, GIS, development cooperation: all professors at the department
  • Admission of achivements in other fields of study of from other universities in bachelor of science course: Dr. Knippertz
  • Approval of extraordinary supplementary modules and modules from minor fields of study in the Bachelor of Science course: Dr. Knippertz

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