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Information for contactless booklending

Please respect the following regulations:

Due to the actual circumstances we still offer a contactless lending. Until further notice, the Geobib is closed for independent literature researches as well as for learning and reading operations. However, there are some important relaxations from now on.

For appointments and book orders please contact us via ( or by phone during our opening hours: 0241 / 80 93648. Don't forget to wear your medical mouth-nose protection any time you enter our institute.

1. contactless lending to pick up pre-ordered books

Please send us an with the necessary informations (number of bluecard, your complete name and matriculation number) and the signatures of the books you want to borrow (for a maximum of five books). Please give us at least two appointments. We will then contact you for confirmation.

The books will be ready for you to pick them up. The loan period actually is two weeks. Thereafter, you have to pay late fees starting with 2 euros per book (see late fees). Please call us in time or send us an e-mail for renewing the loan period. Furthermore, we ask you to check your E-Mails regularly. As e.g. some of you like to borrow the same book, may be that we will reclaim the books earlier.

2. Self research

Perhaps you are not sure about which book you like to borrow or you don't know if you really want to have the books you found in the respective catalogue. We therefore give you the possibility to come personally to our library for your own researches. We kindly ask you to make an appointment for a time slot of 20 minutes. You may also book two appointments when you already know that you need more than 20 minutes.

3. Book return

In case you only want to return books, you may come during our opening hours (see above) without an appointment.

Your Geobib Team