Circular added value in NRW - insights into the transformation project "Prosperkolleg"


Paul Szabo-Müller M.A.

(Hochschule Ruhr West, Project „Prosperkolleg“)

Our current added value is based on a "linear" economic model that involves high resource consumption, emissions and waste. In contrast, the circular economy aims to close resource cycles and use materials more intelligently and for longer. But how can the transformation to circular added value succeed at regional level? And how can geographers help shape the transition to circular added value?


In this online colloquium, the economic geographer Paul Szabo-Müller presents the basics of circular added value, discusses with the participants* their potentials and risks and gives an insight into the project "Prosperkolleg", which initiates and investigates circular added value in the Emscher-Lippe region, NRW and beyond. At the same time, the course is an appeal to all teachers and students to actively participate in shaping the transition to circular added value.


Day: Wednesday, 20.05.2020
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Location: Online (The link will be added on the day of the event in Moodle under "Geographical Colloquium (SS) (KO) [55.07295]“)



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