E-commerce in China - new market entry strategy on Example from Aldi Süd


Dr . Sina Hardaker
L e h r s t u h l f ü r W i r t s c h a f t s g e o g r a p h i e
J u l i u s - M a x i m i l i a n s - U n i v e r s i t ä t W ü r z b u r g

  ALDI branch in China

4:30 pm per Zoom
Meeting-ID: 995 1636 3358
Kenncode: 964827


China is expanding its role as a global market leader in e-commerce and is setting standards for current and future global retail in many ways. The lecture first briefly portrays important players, outlines the temporal and geographical development of the Chinese online market and, against this background, illuminates the role of e-commerce for rural development. The second part focuses on the challenges of market entry for western companies. As part of this, the Prior online market entry of the German discounter Aldi Süd will be examined in more detail and discussed from an economic and geographic point of view with the help of the conceptual embeddedness approach.