Place Attachment and Urban Related Identity Among the Turkısh Communıty in Aachen


Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 16:30pm room SG 513

Picture of Houses Copyright: Kulturgeo

Ege University, Izmir/Türkei

This presentation deals with the spatial dimensions of adaptation of migrant groups. In case of the Turkish community residing in Aachen, place attachment and urban related identity of the German Turks were investigated. In order to understand their relation with places at different levels (such as city and neighbourhood), Urban Related Identity Scale developed by Lalli (1990) and Place Attachment Scale developed by Lewicka (2010) were employed. Connotations of participants were also analysed to reveal the mental representations of “Turkey”, “Germany” and “Europe” as places at larger geographical scales. The preliminary results will be presented in a comparative perspective based on various variables such as age, sex, educational background, length of stay in Aachen. As the same research has been conducted also in The Hague in the Netherlands, results will be compared to highlight differences and similarities between German and Dutch Turks.