Career Colloquium


Professional geographers report from practice

The Institute of Geography and the German Association for Applied Geography (DVAG e.V.) cordially invite students, teachers and interested parties to the online career colloquium! Participants will get an insight into the diverse professional field of geography and learn more about the DVAG, the platform of applied geography for professionals as well as students in Germany.

In this event, three working geographers introduce themselves. In addition to their personal careers, they will report on the content of their work and the focus of their activities.


Speakers are...

  • David Fliegel - Wirtschaftsförderer KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs GmbH
  • Alexander Riesen - Projektleiter Engagement Global (EG) Bonn
  • Kirsten-Dorothee Riedel - Projektleiterin GMA Köln

After each lecture, there will be an opportunity for exchange with the speakers. For this purpose, the participants can ask questions via contributions and the chat function. Active participation in the event is expressly encouraged!

The Institute of Geography and the DVAG are looking forward to an interesting event and a lively participation!

Day: Wednesday, 27.04.2022
Time: 16:30 - 18:00 hrs
Location: Zoom (The link will be added to moodle on the day of the event under "Geographisches Kolloquium (SS) (KO) [22ss-55.07295] and Geo-Moodle")

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