Physical Geography


Module Title:

Physical Geography


1. and 2. Semester

Schedule Start

Autumn Semester

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Credit Points

Geomorphology: 4 CP

Climatology: 4 CP

Bio- and Soil Geography 4 CP

Basic Seminar including field trip: 6 CP

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B.Sc. Applied Geography (german)


a) Lecture Geomorphology:

Basic content and working methods of geomorphology: among others relief of the earth, endogenous and exogenous forms and processes, weathering, mass movements, soil erosion, periglacial, glacial, fluvial and aeolian forms and processes, geoecology

b) Lecture Climatology:

Basic contents and working methods of the climatology: among other things introduction in astronomical bases, climatic elements and climatic factors, near-ground and planetary radiation and energy budget, general circulation of the tropics and non-tropics, climatic classifications and climatic fluctuations, climate measurement, influences of humans on the climate, basic concepts of the human and bioclimatology.

c) Lecture Bio- and Soil Geography:

Basic content and working methods of soil and biogeography: among others: Ecological foundations, location factors of plants, soil formation and soil types, soil geography, nitrogen and carbon cycle, vegetation zones and eco-zones of the earth: zonobiomes and orobiomas

d) Basic Seminar Physical Geography and Field Studies


Working on selected physical-geographical questions, for example, on geomorphological complexes of forms, questions of general circulation, issues of landscape science or plant adaptations to soil and climate, or on physical-geographical processes and problems of selected regions. The topics covered in the lecture and in the basic module are thus discussed and deepened by means of examples in term papers and presentations.

Field Studies:

Getting to know first practicing basic working methods on research and practice-relevant issues, e.g. for the measurement of climatic elements, for the geomorphologic-pedological recording techniques and for the descriptive terrain analysis with regard to physical-geographical spatial structures.

Aim of the Module:

The aim of the module is to give the students an introduction to the fundamental questions, concepts, concepts and working methods of physical geography. The introductory lectures focus on teaching basic knowledge. After completion of this module, the students should have acquired the ability to classify the basic topics of physical geography in the context of the overall discipline of geography.In the fields of geomorphology and climatology they have acquired in-depth knowledge, got to know the important geographic structures, processes, forms and relationships of these areas and can independently implement them in the context of geographical questions.

It is also an aim of the module to provide initial knowledge in presentation techniques, time management methods and scientific writing.


to participate in the course:

  • none

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  • None



  • Module exam to the lectures Geomorphology, and Bio- and Soil Geography
    • Summer semester
    • 90 Minutes
  • Climatology
    • winter semester
      • 60 Minutes


  • Homework assignment


  • Protocol
  • Result: Passed/Failed
  • The passed protocol is a prerequisite for receiving the grade in the seminar


  • Exams
  • Homework assignment

The module grade is weighted according to the CP distribution.