Geographical Methods 2

Module Title: Geographical Methods 2
Subject Semester: 2nd and 3rd semester
Cycle Start: Summer Semester (SS)
Language of Intruction: German
Credit Points:

Geovisualisation: 5 CP
Geostatistics (SPSS): 3 CP
Geographic Information Systems (GIS): 5 CP


Seminar Geovisualisation

In the seminar the theoretical basics of thematic cartography are taught and the practical application of working techniques of visualisation with the help of graphical design tools is practised with special consideration of the possibilities of computer cartography.

Geostatistics exercise (SPSS):

Application of the statistical and analysis software SPSS

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

Familiarisation with and practical application of GIS working techniques (working in the CIP pool) using examples.

Learnig Objectives:

The aim of the module is on the one hand to give a general introduction to the working methods of geography and especially to cartographic-visualising methods.

Furthermore, it is an aim of the module to provide first knowledge in presentation techniques and methods of time management.

After completing this module, the students should have acquired the ability to recognise simple tasks from the overall discipline of geography in a spatial context and to visualise spatially related facts in a suitable form. In doing so, they have become familiar with basic working techniques of cartography/computer cartography and have thus also acquired central competences that are a prerequisite for the application of more advanced spatial quantitative methods.

In the seminar Geovisualisation, the application of basic cartographic knowledge to visualisation tasks for spatial questions is taught.

Basic knowledge of statistics and cartography are linked and deepened through applied tasks in the SPSS exercise and the GIS seminar.


For course participation:


for admission to the examination

regular and active participation in the seminars and the exercises
the successful completion of exercises





Term Paper


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