Regional Module

Modul Title Regional Module
Semester: 4
Start: Summer Semester

Summer Semester

  • Regional Seminar
  • Regional Field Trip
Language of Instructions: German
Credit Points:

Regional Seminar: 4

Regional Field Trip: 4

Information link to the examination regulations: B.Sc. Applied Geography

a) Major regional practical course:

Excursion with field analysis, regional research, interviews, etc. in an area delimited according to physical-geographical, cultural-geographical or economic-geographical aspects, depending on the chosen specialisation.

b) Regional seminar:

Development of typical spatial structures for the excursion area on the basis of material collections and presentations

Learning Objectives:

The aim of the module is to introduce the students to the working methods and processing methods in regional geography on the basis of an example area. After completing this module, the students should have acquired the ability to independently work on regional scientific questions according to the chosen specialisation option (economic geography, urban and population geography or physical geography) using suitable research techniques (e.g. research in archives, regional libraries, map study, survey, terrain analysis) in a space that is foreign to them. The regional internship and regional seminar form a unit. Their topic is a sub-area within or outside Europe, whereby the focus is on questions from the chosen specialisation. In the seminar, general framework conditions of the area are usually worked out, while the excursion deepens these using examples and visual examples. The regional seminar or parts of it can be integrated into the regional field trip so that, depending on the weighting, a period of up to 14 days can be available for working in the field.

Furthermore, it is an aim of the module to deepen already acquired knowledge in presentation techniques, methods of time management and scientific writing.


For course participation:

  • Module Physical Geography
  • Module Economic Geography
  • Urban and Population Geography

Regional Seminar:

  • Term paper and presentation

Regional internship:

  • Protocol
Literature Literature depending on the topic