*** Aufbaumodule ***

Module Title Advances Module

5th and 6th semester

Start: Winter and Summer Semester
Advanced lectures and advanced seminars are offered in each of the two semesters.
Language of Instructions: German
Credit Points:

Advanced lecture: 3 CP

Advanced seminar: 4 CP

Information link to the examination regulations B.Sc. Applied Geography:

a) Advanced lecture of your choice from a subfield of general geography.

b) Advanced seminar of your choice from a subfield of general geography.

The sub-areas of physical geography, economic geography and human geography can be chosen; the specific courses offered change every semester.

Learning Objectives:

The aim of the module is to provide students with the basic subject-specific knowledge and working methods in the field of applied geography, depending on the choice of focus. The material of the lectures deals with topic complexes that are exemplarily suitable to convey a further understanding of the working methods and problems of applied geography in the fields of physical geography, economic and human geography.

In the advanced seminar, selected topics are developed and elaborated on the basis of student presentations.

After completing this module, the students should have acquired the ability to independently work out special questions in the treated specialisations and to formulate corresponding solutions to problems.

Furthermore, it is an aim of the module to further deepen already acquired knowledge in presentation techniques, methods of time management and scientific writing with regard to the upcoming Bachelor thesis.


For course participation:

  • Physical Geography
  • Economic Geography

for admission to the examination:


  • regular and active participation

Advanced lecture:

  • none


Advanced Lecture:

  • Written or oral examination

Advanced seminar:

  • Term paper and presentation
Literature: Varies depending on the specific topic