Applied Urban Geography

  • Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography Part I
  • Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography Part II
Turn Start: Winter Semester
Language of Instruction: German
Credit Points: 9
Content and Objective:

The module focuses on topics in the field of tension between society, culture, economy and politics in an urban context and from a socio-geographical perspective. Exemplary topics are the following: Segregation research and its practical relevance (demographic, social, ethnic segregation), lifestyles and urban development, demographic change/migration and urban development, perception and image of urban spaces. Actor- and practice-oriented approaches form the central perspectives.

Project seminar Applied Urban Geography Part I

In the seminar, the specialist knowledge acquired in the geography bachelor's degree programme is further deepened. The basis for this is the reading and intensive discussion of special literature on selected topics of applied urban geography. Building on this, selected issues of urban development, urban policy, urban planning, etc. are developed in group work against the background of practical applications and their methodological implementation is designed. In the immediately following field practical course, empirical data on urban development is collected in order to work on the previously selected current problem. The methods are to be practised to the extent that extensive empirical studies can be independently designed and carried out after completion of the module. Accordingly, the learning objectives are, on the one hand, the acquisition of in-depth specialist knowledge and, on the other hand, practice-relevant methodological knowledge.

Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography Part II

In the seminar following the field work placement, the focus is initially on the evaluation and interpretation of the data collected. The results of the survey are condensed into a project report with reference to the current state of research. The seminar is therefore intended to ensure that the ability to write empirically based reports is acquired by writing complex scientific texts on specific questions. This is an essential part of the later job-related work of graduates of the Master's programme in Applied Geography.

Participation Requirements:

Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography I

  • None

Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography II

  • Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography I
Examination Requirements:

Project Seminar Applied Urban Geography I and II:

  • Exercises (passed)

Summer semester:

  • Oral examination/presentation
  • Project report