Landscape System Analysis

  • Landscape Genesis and Quaternary Dynamics
  • Process in Soils
  • Relief and Soils
Turnus Start: Winter Semester
Language of Instructions: German
Credit Points: 9
Content and Objective:

Landscape Genesis and Quaternary Dynamics (lecture/exercise)

In the lecture the effects of current, prehistoric and future climate changes in the Quaternary on the different components of the landscape system are presented. In the second part of the lecture the resulting spatial distribution of soil-forming sediments and substrates of the earth and their importance for mankind are derived.

Processes in soils (lecture/exercise)

Based on the soil-forming factors, processes of soil genesis and soil development are presented. Furthermore, physical and chemical properties of near-surface substrates and soils and their significance for the geo-resource soil are taught.

Relief and Soil (field and laboratory practical course)

The focus is on deepening the interdependencies of relief - sediment - soil. Verification of data takes place in the field and laboratory. In addition, soil profile analysis is learned on the basis of different soil types in the field and targeted sampling is discussed and carried out. In the laboratory, standard soil parameters are analysed and different methods for different sample types and questions are compared with regard to sources of error and applicability.

The aim of the module is to provide students with an introduction to the basic terms, concepts, working methods and issues of landscape system analysis (relief, vegetation, climate, hydrology and soil). After completing this module, students will be able to identify current applied problems in different landscape regions and at different scales. They have acquired the ability to develop a sensible sampling and analysis strategy for specific landscape ecological problems, to interpret the acquired data and to design solution proposals.

Participation Requirements:

Landscape Genesis and Quaternary Dynamics:

  • None

Processes in Soils and Relief and Soil:

  • Landscape Genesis and Quaternary Dynamics
Examination Requirements:
  • None

Landscape system analysis (landscape genesis and Quaternary dynamics as well as processes in soils)

  • Oral examination

Soil and relief:

  • Protocol