Remote Sensing


Remote Sensing

  • Remote Sensing
  • Applied Digital Remote Sensing
  • Landscape Interpretation
Turnus Start: Winter Semester
Language of Instruction German
Credit Points: 9
Content and Objective:

Remote Sensing (Lecture and Exercise)

Aerial and satellite image evaluation and interpretation. Methods, techniques and examples of interpretation as well as possible applications of analogue and digital satellite images are presented. The objective is a basic overview of methods and application areas of remote sensing; analysis of complex geographic spaces with the help of digital and analogue satellite images.

Applied Digital Remote Sensing (exercise)

Fundamentals and structure of digital remote sensing data, georeferencing, visual and automatic classification procedures The aim is the practical and independent processing of typical questions in digital remote sensing.

Landscape Interpretation (exercise)

Cartographic implementation of landscape interpretation of selected areas. The objective is to be able to interpret the landscape of selected geographical areas.

Participation Requirements:

Remote Sensing and Applied Digital Remote Sensing:

  • None

Landscape Interpretation:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Applied Digital Remote Sensing
Examination Requirements:
  • Exercises (passed)

Applied Digital Remote Sensing:

  • Homework

Landscape Interpretation:

  • Presentation