Geographical Methods

  • Geostatistics Advanced
  • GIS Advanced
  • Map Interpretation

Turnus Start:

Winter Semester

Language of Instruction:


Credit Points

  • Geostatistics Advanced: 3 CP
  • GIS Advanced: 4 CP
  • Map Interpretation: 2CP

Content and Objective:

a) Lecture/Exercise Geostatistics Advanced:
complex statistical analyzes. Students should get to know specific statistical tools for quantitative spatial analysis, the effort of which requires more effort than the simple procedures discussed in the Basic Statistics courses.

b) Exercis GIS Advanced:
Deepening of GIS work techniques, in particular with regard to raster data analysis (Spatial Analyst processes) and network analyzes, processing of remote sensing data with GIS tools. The knowledge of GIS work techniques is deepened. Students should be enabled to use complex digital spatial analysis tools.

c) Exercise Map Interpretation:
Methods of card interpretation on different scales and from different landscapes of Germany, Central Europe and landscape areas of non-European countries, The students learn the technique of interpreting geographic media on the basis of topographical and thematic maps of Germany, Central Europe and non-European sample spaces. Cultural, geographical and physical geographical content is conveyed to the regional geography of Central Europe.

Participation Requirements:

  • None
Examination Requirements:
  • None


Geostatistics Advanced:

  • Written Exam

GIS Advances:

  • Term Paper

Map Interpretation:

  • Term Paper