Examination Regulations

  Cover letter of the examination regulation Copyright: © RWTH/ Department 1.1. Cover sheet of an examination regulation

The examination regulations regulate the legal framework of a study program regarding examinations; e.g. things like the modalities of an exam. What is the procedure when an exam needs to be repeated? How often can an exam be repeated? What has to be done in case you want to cancel your registration for an exam, have failed to register for an exam or want to submit a withdrawal from an exam?

Attached to the RWTH Aachen University Examination Regulations are the module catalogue, the curriculum and the guidelines for the internship. Here, the basic conditions and regulations for the different courses of study are specified. You can find out how the course is structured, which courses belong to which module, which requirements have to be met for which course, how many credit points are awarded for which course, and so on.

Students do not have to be able to memorize the examination regulations that apply to their course of study, but they at least should know about the content in general or know how to find it.

Current degree programs are subject to the guidelines specified in the Examination Regulations (PO) 13. Amendments to the Examination Regulations are possible. These will then be published under RWTH Aachen University Official Announcements.

The most recent version (german language) can be found by going to the official announcements page.