Bachelor's Thesis


The Bachelor's thesis can be started if at least 120 credit points, calld CP for short, have been acquired over the course of studies so far. All CPs from eligible courses in the major subject Geography, the minor subject, the elective module, the internship and the supplementary area count.

Please get the corresponding form from the Central Examinations Office, called CPA for short. This form attests that you meet the requirements for beginning the Bachelor's thesis. Provide the ZPA with proof of already earned CP if these have not been recorded in the digital system yet and you need them to reach the required minimum sum of 120 CP.

Afterwards, you need to come to an agreement with your supervisor on the subject of your Bachelor's thesis. To do this, it is usually necessary to visit the consultation hours of the supervisor.

The completed form – that is the top portion filled in and signed by both the student and the supervisor – must then be returned to the ZPA immediately, where the remaining entries in the table of the middle section are made. The form remains at the ZPA until the thesis has been completed. The student, however, receives a copy.

The time period allowed for completing the thesis starts the day the supervisor enters the topic of the thesis on the form, by which the registration officially goes on file.

The Bachelor's thesis is usually written in German. The candidate may apply to write the thesis in a language other than German. Approval needs to be granted by the chairperson of the examination board.

The scope of the Bachelor's thesis should not exceed 40 pages or 80,000 keystrokes without attachments. It must be completed within a time frame of 12 weeks.

The thesis must include

  • A title page
  • A table of contents and
  • A list of sources and/or a bibliography. References to the works of others, either in exactly reproduced wording or in meaning must be identified by stating the source of the citation.

The candidate needs to attach to the thesis a declaration of authorship that confirms that she or he has completed the work on their own and has not used sources other than those specified. In addition to accounting for all citations of text, the statement must also apply to any references to tables, sketches, drawings, and other images..

Further details that must be taken into account when writing the Bachelor's thesis, can be found in the currently valid Examination Regulations. Please also refer to the general information on Tips About Papers and Written Projects.

The Bachelor's thesis has to be submitted in duplicate (typed, bound and paginated) at the ZPA. The ZPA will confirm the submission of the dissertation. The Bachelor's thesis and registration form are then transferred to the supervisor. After entering the grade, the supervisor will forward the form to the ZPA along with the written evaluation. The Bachelor's thesis will remain with the supervisor for at least a period of 5 years for archiving.