In the context of your studies at the Department of Geography, a professional internship has to be completed. The internship is intended to provide students with insights into potential tasks and occupational fields for geographers and should preferably be carried out during the lecture-free period.

The internship is a prerequisite that needs to be fullfilled in order to register for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

The search for a suitable internship has to be completed by the students themselves. Before starting your internship, you must first obtain permission from a professor in the Department of Geography (see "Procedure Sheet" Downloads. They will check whether the position is suitable as an internship within the framework of geography studies.

The current guidelines for the internship can be found in your examination regulations.

Timing of internship

The traineeship should preferably be completed after the first year of study of your Bachelor's program. The second year is another possibility. After the first year of study you will already have some insights into the subject of Geography while you still have the option to adapt your studies to the requirements of the job market. After the second year of study, the best synergies for subject selection with regard to the Bachelor's thesis are given, but you will have to take into account that the field trip of the regional module generally takes place immediately after the 4th semester in August or September.

The Master's course is similar: Here, the traineeship can be largely integrated into the personal study course, but should not be take place too early or too late.

Duration of internship

The duration of the traineeship, referred to in the examination regulations, is to be understood as the minimum period required for the recognition of the traineeship (at least 6 weeks in the Bachelor's degree program, at least 8 weeks in the Master's degree programs).

The lecturers of the Department of Geography recommend a longer duration to get deeper insight into the field of geographers. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, the department can not issue any certificates for a longer period than allowed for in the examination regulations.

With a traineeship longer than the minimum duration, it is best to clarify procedures with the Student Advice Centre directly – for instance with regard to the possibility of a leave of absence. Questions regarding social security, etc. should be directed at the provider of the traineeship or the responsible social insurance institution. Important information about the minimum wage can be found by referring to this BMAS website.