Field Trips


Field Trips and Practical Courses

During the Bachelor's program, you are required to take part in various field trips and practical courses.

The Bachelor's program in Applied Geography features

  • two field days as part of the Fundamentals in Physical Geography seminar in the second semester,
  • two field days as part of the Fundamentals in Human Geography seminar in the third semester,

as well as

  • the regional field trip taking place in the fourth semester lasting 10 to 14 days.

In the Master's program of Applied Geography and Economic Geography, much depends on the choice of your modules. Information can be obtained from the module catalogs.

Excursions and internships can also be offered in the non-geographical elective modules and minor subjects. Here, too, you can find out about corresponding module catalogs.


Most of the funding for field trips and practical courses is provided by funds from the university, such as QVM, the Quality Improvement Tool. Nevertheless, as a student you have to contribute to the costs; so-called participant fees.

The contributions are different. They depend on duration and destination. The contribution of the fee to be paid will be communicated to you in good time.