Supplementary Courses



Martin Knippertz



+49 241 80 97629



The supplementary area of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Applied Geography consists of courses that students can select from in the areas of

  • academic writing and presenting like literature research, presentation, rhetoric and communication,
  • foreign languages and/or
  • courses offered by other faculties.

Grades of courses taken in the supplementary area are not included in the calculation of the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree program.

Important Note:

  • Contact persons for all courses are only those located at the respective institutions
  • Each institution has different registration procedures. Please apply early, as the number of placements are typically limited.

Course offerings

The following offers are available:

  • Geographical Kolloquium: you find the cources offered in your RWTHmoodle.
  • Information Technology Networks and Multimedia Technology:(web publishing, digital media, multimedia tools, organization of the Center for Learning and Knowledge Management, intended for 2nd semester students registration)
  • Language Courses offered by the RWTH Aachen University Language Center. Language courses will generally be recognized with 3 CPs. Two language courses will be accepted.
  • Advanced Geography lectures
    • recognition in the supplementary subject field B.Sc. Applied Geography can only be granted if the student has registered for the corresponding examination in RWTHonline during the registration periods.

    • For advanced lectures, 2 CP are generally awarded in the supplementary field (i.e. with performance assessment, which must be completed in the form of an oral examination or written examination), similar to the examination in the advanced module, but without the award of grades, only with the statement "successfully passed".

    • there is no possibility of recognition only for participation in an in-depth lecture without grading.
      - it is not possible to subsequently have the performance in the advanced module recognised for the supplementary area.

    • a maximum of 4 CP can be acquired through the recognition of in-depth lectures in the supplementary area.

  • Erasmus Lectures, 1 CP (these are lectures given by guest lecturers from other European countries) Information can be found on the pages of the department in the "International" section).
  • Courses from the ABC/J Geoverbund.
  • Leonardo projects can be registered directly in the ZPA by submitting the certificate of results (2 CP) (if the certificate contains an English title of the course).
  • Proof of participation without an examination cannot be credited in the supplementary area

Other courses may be accepted by the Examination Board upon request. Please contact Dr. Martin Knippertz.

CPs and recognition of credits

At least 12 credit points must be acquired in the supplementary area of studies. Credit Points to be achieved:

  • 1 CP for courses with proof of attendance
  • 2 CPs for courses with examination
  • 3 CPs for language courses

For courses to be recognized, students must submit a certificate after successful completion. This certificate has to contain the following information:

  • Course title (German and English)
  • Course type
  • CPs
  • "Passed" comment