Supplementary Courses



Martin Knippertz



+49 241 80 97629



The supplementary area of the Bachelor's programme Applied Geography consists of courses to be selected by the students from the areas:

The assessments of the courses of the supplementary area are not included in the formation of the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree programme.

Important notes:

  • Contact persons for all offers are only the institutions indicated.
  • Different registration modalities apply in each case; please try to register quickly, the number of places is usually limited.
  • Certificates of participation (pure seat certificates) cannot be credited in the supplementary area.
  • The courses can be found in the supplementary area of the B.Sc. AngGeo in RWTHonline.

CPs and recognition

At least 12 credit points must be earned in the supplementary area of study.

In principle

1 - 2 CP for certificates of achievement and
3 CP for language courses.

For the recognition of courses in the supplementary area, registration in RWTHonline is possible and necessary in most cases. Otherwise, after successful completion of the respective courses, a certificate with information on the

  • Examination number
  • type and nature of the course,
  • English course title,
  • the number of credit points acquired,
  • as well as the note of at least "successfully passed".