You want to submit an application to the examination board, but don't know how? You doubt whether geography is really the right subject for you? Is it possible to attend a lecture even if it is not scheduled until next year in the study plan? Is a subject causing you problems, but you don't want to contact the lecturer directly?

These are all typical questions, uncertainties and problems that students are confronted with and that can put barriers in the way of a successful and problem-free study.

In confidential, voluntary and personal counseling sessions, students' concerns are discussed and solutions are found together. The basic concern is to support the students in their personal study situation and to remove uncertainties around it.

Geocoaching does not represent psychological counseling, but rather serves as a geography-specific offer to clarify questions concerning the daily study routine and as a guidance to further counseling centers and offers within and outside of the RWTH.



Pia Hildmann