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Miriam Paffen

Mentorin (Geographie)


+49 241 80 96475



As part of the Excellent Teaching project, RWTH Aachen University has set itself the goal of continuously improving the teachability of its degree programs and thereby improving students' academic experience as well. A central measure for this is the comprehensive Aachen Mentoring Program, which supplements the counseling services of the individual faculties with mentors from the field. Since 2012 we have been offering mentoring at the Department of Geography.

The participation in a mentoring meeting is voluntary. The personal counseling session between a mentor and a student; the so called mentee is absolutely confidential. Our fundamental concern is to support the mentee in their personal situation with regard to their studies. The aim of the private meeting, therefore,
is to gain clarity about one's situation, to nail down one's goals and then to recognize any potential for improvement as well as one's strengths, which can then be mobilized to reach one's goals.

We mentors see ourselves as partners and coaches with regard to questions about your daily academic routine. In addition, we act as guides to other counseling centres and services within and outside of RWTH Aachen University.

We look forward to receiving your mentoring query. To make an appointment, please contact us via .