Degree Programs

Are you interested in studying geography at RWTH Aachen University? In that case, go ahead and have a look at our homepage for more information. Photo: Mario Irrmischer

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During your Studies

You are already enrolled in one of the Geography programs? This page informs you about everything that's important for you to know during your studies. Photo: Mario Irrmischer

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Research and Lab work

An important part of your studies is self-study. In addition to the necessary self-discipline, however, you will also find it necessary to use other resources. The Department of Geography is here to support you.

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GIS Helpdesk

GIS is the geographers's professional tool and in case you ever need support, our GIS Helpdesk staff are there for you!

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Academic Advising Services

If you have any questions regarding your studies or would like to make an appointment for an advising session, you are welcome to contact our academic advisors.

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You want to submit an application to the examination board, but don't know how? You doubt whether geography is really the right subject for you? Is it possible to attend a lecture even if it is not scheduled until next year in the study plan? Is a subject causing you problems, but you don't want to contact the lecturer directly?

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Stays Abroad

Would you like to go abroad during your studies?

We can show you all the different possibilities!

Photo: N. Schöne

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