As soon as you know with whom and what you are going to write, download pages 1 and 2 of the documentation for thesis.

Fill in pages 1 and 2 of the docket appropriately and forward them as .pdf-scan to Alisa Foit at the ZPA.

If the requirements are met, Mr. Bielefeld confirms this with his signature on page 1 and forwards both pages to the supervisor.

The supervising person checks the correctness and completeness of the previously discussed title on page 2 and signs accordingly on page 2. This is the date of assignment. From this date on, the time available to you to work on your thesis counts. The supervisor forwards the documentation back to the ZPA, where the date of assignment is entered into your curriculum.

As soon as you have finished your thesis, you send the necessary copies to the ZPA to Mr. Bielefeld. Mr. Bielefeld documents the receipt and forwards the copies to the assessors. The copy for the supervising person is accompanied by the documentation.