Students of Geography can take English-language courses from Faculty 2 (Architecture) from the so-called GIS box for the supplementary area. These are the following four modules, which can be taken independently of each other:

  1. In the Theory Module (LV-Nr. 21.00175), students will be introduced to various concepts connected to understanding, mapping and analyzing spatial transformation. Inputs include video lectures by multidisciplinary experts on conceptions of space, social space analysis, urban morphology, city trends, and more.
  2. The GIS Basics module (LV-Nr. 21.00177) provides students with the practical skills to use GIS software, specifically QGIS, for spatial analysis.
  3. The Data Factory module ( LV-Nr. 20.00034) teaches students to find, manage and use data in spatial analysis.
  4. In the GIS Project (LV-Nr: 21.00176) , students will apply their knowledge and skills in mapping specific issues on different spatial scales.

Students will have the opportunity to view the content independently and complete the course with online exams or project submission.

In general, we advise to take these courses (starting in the 3rd semester) for the supplementary area, as they offer a good opportunity to deepen GIS applications.

If starting in the 3rd semester, it is recommended to take the first module. Since the GIS box uses different software than the geographical course (QGIS instead of ArcGIS), we advise against taking the other courses this semester for those without GIS experience to avoid confusion between programs.

The courses can be found in the supplementary area of the B.Sc. Applied Geography in RWTHonline.