Regional Development and Tourism

  • Development of Rural Areas
  • Town and Regional Marketing
  • Tourism Geography
Turn Start: Winter semester
Language of Instruction: German
Credit Points: 9
Content and Objective:

Development of Rural Areas (Lecture)

The lecture offers insights into the manifold structures, problems and development perspectives of rural areas as well as into specific funding requirements and relevant funding approaches. General questions of rural spatial development are dealt with and illustrated by practical examples from different regions (mainly Germany and Europe, but also non-European countries). The lecture conveys an understanding of the complex problem contexts of rural areas and the corresponding approaches to solutions.

Town and Regional Marketing (exercise)

The exercise focuses on practice-related questions of urban and regional marketing, which plays an increasing role in the competition between cities and regions. The students deal with the framework conditions, actors, forms of organisation, strategies and results in regional management and regional marketing in selected rural and urban areas. Concrete thematic focal points and spatial examples are presented and discussed by the students. External experts/actors are invited to certain discussion rounds in order to integrate first-hand practical reports into the exercise.

Tourism Geography (practical course)

Students develop a concrete question from an application-related field of work in tourism geography and work out suitable methodological steps to deal with it (content development, problem structuring, operationalisation, preparation of a research plan, data collection and evaluation, presentation of results). The methodological steps are implemented and linked in joint workshop sessions and empirical field work. The reference to a concrete example space should enable practical experience in the application of empirical methods and contacts with actors on site.

The objective of the module is to deepen selected areas of application-oriented economic geography with a view to issues of regional development. Problems of tourism, development and promotion strategies in rural areas, as well as from the areas of urban/regional marketing and regional management are dealt with and brought together. This specialisation offers attractive opportunities for specialisation relevant to the labour market. Dealing with practice-oriented topics of regional development and its associated methods and literature, as well as working on concrete spatial issues with subsequent presentation of results, are intended to provide students not only with specialist knowledge but also with confidence in dealing with professionally relevant working methods, which are particularly in demand in processes of regional development.

Participation Requirements:
  • None
Examination Requirements:
  • None

Development of Rural Areas:

  • Written or oral examination

Urban and Regional Marketing:

  • Presentation

Tourism Geography

  • Practical report