Geographical Retail Research

  • Geographical Retail Research
  • GIS in Site Planning
Turn Start: Winter Semester
Language of Instruction: German
Credit Points: 9
Content and Objective:

Geographical Retail Research (seminar)

Economic geographic analysis of sector structures, interdependencies and spatial effects of wholesale and retail trade; theoretical concepts for recording and explaining restructuring processes, influences of globalisation, demographic change and ecological sensitivity.

GIS in Site Planning (exercise and field practical)

Deepening of GIS working techniques, especially in relation to the methods of location assessment in retail. The field practicals are intended to provide practical insights into the logics of action of companies and planning in relation to retail locations and agglomerations. These can be guided excursions to corresponding facilities as well as independent explorations.

The objective of the module is a complementary specialisation in the economic geography of services in the field of geographical retail research. This specialisation can only be chosen in a few geographic Master's programmes in Germany and has already proven to be a particularly labour market-relevant specialisation in recent years. The study of the essential literature, the preparation of thematically narrowly defined term papers and the presentation of these papers are intended to give students confidence in dealing with working methods in addition to specialised knowledge. In addition to the empirical methods of the social sciences, these include in particular a confident handling of geographic information systems.

Participation Requirements:

Geographical trade research

  • None

GIS in location planning

  • Geographical retail research
Examination Requirements:
  • Term papers or short reports
  • oral examination